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Pili Aloha is our sweet 6-month-old Corgi/Jack Russell mix who represents the Aloha Spirit with her boundless energy and affection. “Pili Aloha” is a great name for her. It means “Profound Friend”, which she is to her family and all who are lucky enough to spend some time in her presence.

Pili is “Maui Built” and was born in April, 2004. We don’t know anything about her parents, but we do know she was living at the Maui Humane Society when her current owners met her and fell in love with her. They adopted her on June 18,2004, when she was about 3 months old.

Pili is full of energy and loves to go to the parks and beaches with her owner. One of her favorite haunts is a north Kihei beach where about 20-30 friendly dogs and their owners meet each night at sunset to visit and let the dogs play with each other. Of course, Pili is often trying to herd the other dogs! Pili hasn’t had much success, even though she is running in circles barking at the other dogs to stay in the group.

Pili keeps her attractive figure by exercising and by eating right, which includes her daily dose of wheatgrass juice. Pili’s favorite treat is free-range chicken roasted and cut into little “treats.” Her owners often put some whole grains like millet, brown rice, and quinoa in with her canned food. Once a week, Pili gets a raw egg that she loves--the whole thing, shell and all!

Pili is looking for some friends to play with her and invites you to send her an email. Include your photo if you will and we will share her mail online. Write to her at .

Aloha, Auntie Kathy

Al & Joannie's Grass Shack - Kula - (808)876-0213
The best wheatgrass on Maui...grown outdoors in the fertile soil of Mount Haleakala. Add to my picks!
The Pet Shop - Maui Mall Kahului - (808)877-3040
Complete line of pet supplies for birds, dogs, cats, fish. Aquarium and pond supplies. Open 7 days a week. Add to my picks!

Central Maui Animal Clinic - Kahului - (808)893-2579
Add to my picks!