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Making Global Local Through Word-of-Mouth

Marketing professionals agree that Word-of-Mouth recommendations by friends, family, and people we respect are the very best advertising there is. When we have a good experience, we want to share it with friends and family so they can enjoy it too! Likewise, as consumers, we want to get recommendations from people who understand us and our unique perspective. Tired of being overwhelmed with the biggest advertising and sales hype, we want information we can trust from people who know. And people who know us. But in today’s complex, fast paced, world that’s not practical. We too often find ourselves relying upon paid advertisements, brochures, yellow pages, people paid to push one thing over another, and out-of-date directories and guidebooks. Most of us have been burned more than once by glitzy advertisements promising the moon when all we got were a few of the rocks!

We all want information (information that’s useful to us!) and we want to share information we have that we think will help others. To give each of us an opportunity to get and give word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations just about anything, anywhere in the world that you might want to know, we decided to create a company called World-Wide-Word-of Mouth to make global information available locally and to help people plan travel, vacations, events, and make purchases in other cities and geographic locations. We will open websites bringing together local word of mouth referrals and recommendations from all over the world fulfilling our vision of “making global local through word of mouth.”

Best of is the first of this global brand of websites designed to bring you information you can trust from people like you. All of our listings of businesses, places, and things to do are based on recommendations and referrals from friends and family. By logging on to our free website, you can review the recommendations and referrals, select the ones you want and create your own personalized Maui information directory you can print, save and store and share with others. As we open additional sites, you can create your own directory of the Best of Anything in various geographic locations by tapping into our World-Wide-Word of Mouth Network to see what family and friends are recommending in those areas.

We are proud to launch this new global brand from Maui. As a Maui Company we want to share the spirit of aloha with our fast growing global ohana of friends and family. It is only natural to expect the generative and beautiful Maui with it’s strong Hawaiian heritage of Ohana and sharing to be the place giving birth to this global internet ohana. Word-0f-Mouth on Maui is called the “coconut wireless”. WorldWide-Word of Mouth, LLC builds on this tradition of communication and extends the coconut wireless to a global ohana.

We encourage you to join the Best of Ohana and share information with us on Maui’s only official coconut wireless. Visit the companies and individuals we recommend and tell them you heard about them from the Best of Ohana.

Mahalo and Aloha,

Best of Ohana