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Why should I become a member? What’s in it for me?

By becoming a member of Anything on Maui, you will automatically be able to:

• Receive free AnythingOnMaui E-Zine with “The Buzz” a column of what’s happening on Maui including special reports on new businesses and not to be missed outstanding cultural events

• Special e-mail offers, coupons, discounts and free giveaways from Maui Businesses

Free Consumer Advocate who will help you resolve customer and business satisfaction issues

• Recommend businesses, locations, and events that should be made known as Maui’s Best

• Select and update your own individual “Maui Picks” to print or e-mail

• By becoming a member you show your support of Maui’s Best Businesses

• And most of all by becoming a member of Anything on Maui, you support the ‘Aina that is Maui and the Maui Ohana through Anything on Maui’s financial contributions to local Maui organizations

Will I get lots of SPAM if I become a member? Will companies get my email, home address or other personal information?

Our membership list is not for sale to anyone or to any companies. We do not share our lists with any organizations. Members can opt out of receiving the Maui E-Zine and other email communications. See our privacy policy for further information.

Is it really FREE?
YES! It is really FREE. It’s word-of-mouth!