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Marketing professionals agree that Word-of-Mouth recommendations by friends,
family, and people we respect are the very best advertising there is.  Anything on Maui
uses recommendations to promote the outstanding businesses on Maui.

Do you have an outstanding business that you would like to have listed on Anything on Maui? Send us an email at , telling us why your business should be listed. Upon evaluation, we will send you information about our listing plans.

Are you already listed, but would like to include more information about your business? Send us an email at , saying what should be added and/or changed about your listing.


What’s in it for me? Why should I list with Anything on Maui?
How do businesses get listed?
How do businesses stay listed?
Why do some businesses have bigger listings or pictures?
Are there some “Free” listings?

What’s in it for me? Why should I list with Anything on Maui?
Anything on is the ONLY comprehensive internet directory of  independently recommended people and companies doing business on Maui and the least expensive business directory on Maui.  
It is the “Go To Source” for millions of residents, tourists, and information seekers who are using the internet to find out information about Maui and recommendations for sources of goods and services. All listings are based on word of mouth referrals and recommendations. You have to be invited to join our listings, they are not for sale.
As a listing member of Anything on Maui, you will receive:
Internet exposure to residents, tourists, and
a global marketplace of 6 billion people!
Access to our experienced and savvy marketing staff for consultation
Promote your business 24/7/365 Globally Members only marketing and promotion seminars
Drive traffic to your website and business Membership decal and membership certificate
Preferred access to special e-mail promotions Preferred access and advertising rates for our print directory
Members only e-zine with marketing tips

How do businesses get listed? There are 3 sources of listings for Anything on We use recommendations and referrals by our staff, recommendations and referrals from our individual members, and businesses that refer themselves or other businesses for us to evaluate their services. All recommendations and inquiries are reviewed by our selection panel of Maui residents, businesses, and tourists. Companies that meet our rigorous selection criteria, are invited to list their companies on our website. If they accept our Business Code of Conduct Policy for listed businesses, we will list them in our directory.

How do businesses stay listed? In order to stay listed on our internet information directory, a business must continue to provide excellent products and services as well as abide by the Business Code of Conduct Policy they accepted when they joined our Ohana of Businesses. If we receive negative comments or complaints from members about a business, we will forward that information to the business and expect the difficulty to be satisfactorily resolved for the individual and the business. We have found this to be the usual case. If however, a satisfactory resolution of the differences can not be reached, we will do whatever we can to remedy the situation. Companies and Individuals that receive complaints and disputes which they do not demonstrate a good faith effort to remedy can and will be removed from our listings of  Maui recommendations.

Why do some businesses have bigger listings or pictures? All recommended Maui businesses have an opportunity to take advantage of our low cost listing service. We want to help recommended small and medium sized businesses take advantage of the internet and get the publicity and exposure they deserve. Many of these people can’t afford big ads in the newspaper, yellow pages, and local guidebooks and magazines. provides low cost marketing and promotional services to these companies as well as the more established or larger ones.

Are there some “Free” listings? Yes, there are. All recommended businesses are eligible for a free basic listing the first year. Because of our commitment to being a valuable Maui resource, we also offer a free listing to not-for-profit organizations and services. Staff and members of not-for-profit organizations should go to the recommendations page to refer their organizations.

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